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Ponmudi, Ponmudi Travel, Ponmudi Tour, Ponmudi Kerala, Hill Stations of Kerala Ponmudi - The Place:
A half hour�s road journey from the beaches of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) will take you to the Ponmudi Hills. It is a section of the Western Ghats mountain range that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea. Literally meaning golden crown in Malayalam, the name Ponmudi is a hill station located very close to the sea.

Tourist Attractions in Ponmudi:
En route Ponmudi, you will have to pass the dense tropical forest at the foot of the Ponmudi hills. The thickly populated forest gradually gives way to neatly cut tea plants.

As you travel beyond the urban areas you will enter the expanse of plantations of rubber, cardamom pepper, and tea. The tappers go about hurriedly collecting the milky fluid from rubber trees in coconut shells. Coconut thatch mats serve as shade for one half of the road, above which the women strew black pepper for drying. You might as well meet an elephant treading along with his mahout atop and his meal of coconut thatch packed in trunk of the beast. The misty valleys, dotted with numerous tiny toy-like stone cottages decorated in pretty violets, pinks, or whites are wonderful sights.

While trekking towards the north of Ponmudi Crest, you will have to pass along a mini zoo, primarily home to the barasinghas, on the fringes of the forest. The cacophony of the heavy billed Malabar hornbills and the blue-black Malabar whistling thrush create a typical ambience.

There is a host of attractions not only within Ponmudi but also in its neighboring areas. Golden Valley and the numerous streams and rapids make for breathtaking scenery. Positioned in a dense forest area, this place will appeal to those who are interested in exploring tropical vegetation. Golden Valley is an access-point to the Kallar River.

Another tourist interest in the area is Agasthyarkoodam - one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats and the highest (1868 m) in the district. This peak is renowned for its wilderness, and can be reached only with consent of the Forest Department.

How to Reach Ponmudi:
Ponmudi is located barely 61 km from Thiruvananthapuram which is the nearest Airport from here. It lies within convenient driving distance from Kovalam.

Accommodation in Ponmudi:
Accommodation is available at the Government Tourist Complex. The Complex includes a guesthouse with 24 rooms, and ten tiny stone cottages on the hillside.

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