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Nilambur, Visit Nilambur, Nilambur travel, Nilambur tour, Nilambur tourism, Nilambur packages, holiday in Nilambur Nilambur is a picturesque town in the Malappuram district of the state of Kerala. It is located along the banks of the Chaliyar River it is at a distance of around 70 km from Calicut and about 100 km from Ooty. It is famous for its dense forests, particularly the wildlife environment, rivers, cascading waterfalls and series of teak plantations.

History of Nilambur:
The world�s first teak plantation was developed in the Conolly Plot in Nilambur almost 150 years ago (1842-1844). Christened after H.V. Conolly, the then Collector of Malabar, the plot occupies an area of 2.31 hectares of teak agricultural estate. With the help of Shri Chathu Menon, H.V. Conolly led the way for the establishment of the teak plantation in Nilambur.

Tourist Attractions in Nilambur:
While in Nilambur you have a number of tourist attractions to visit. The teak museum located near the famous Conolly Plot, needs to be visited. Set up by the Kerala Forest Research Institute in alliance with the Kerala Forest Department, it is a theme based museum that focuses on the various historical, cultural and aesthetic aspects of teak, all under one roof

Rows of bamboo trees on the way to the museum enhance the beauty of the area. You will be welcomed into the carved teak door with a painting of the Kannimara teak at the entrance of the museum. It is the most ancient living teak tree in the world placed within Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary in the Palghat district, Kerala. It is 47.5 meters in height and has a diameter of 642 cm.

Among the numerous items of display exhibited here, the root system of a full-grown teak tree is possibly the most fascinating of all. Paintings displayed on the walls are reminiscent of one of the earliest histories of teak planting. The small model of an old-fashioned sailing boat made of teak wood and a picture of a sailing ship are among the other attractions. Logs of a 116-year-old tree are also preserved here. Presently the price of this single tree is Rs. 300,000. Also a world literature on teak is available in the library of the museum.

How to Reach Nilambur:
Nilambur is well connected by excellent road network and regular bus services. One can get to Nilambur either via Calicut, which is located 70 km away or via Ooty, which is 100 km away.

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