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Kozhikode, Visit Kozhikode, Kozhikode travel, Kozhikode tour, Kozhikode tourism, Kozhikode packages, holiday in Kozhikode Kozhikode � Introduction:
Also known as Calicut, Kozhikode, which was once the capital of an independent kingdom, and later of the erstwhile Malabar District, is today the third largest city in Kerala and the headquarters of Kozhikode district.

kozhikode � Facts and Figures

Area30.61 sq km (city area)
Population 801,190
Languages Malayali, English, Hindi
Best time to visit October to March
STD code 0495

Location of Kozhikode:
Kozhikode or Calicut is located in the south Indian state of Kerala on the southwestern belt of the Arabian Sea. The district stretches from latitude 11�15� N to 75�49� E.

Climate of Kozhikode:
Due to its proximity to the sea, Kozhikode has a hot and humid weather. Summer begins from March and persists till May. Temperature soars to a maximum of 36�C and a minimum temperature in the month of December of 14�C. Southwest monsoon hits the land in the early part of June and average annual rainfall is 254 cm.

History of Kozhikode:
Little is known about the early history of Kozhikode or Calicut, as it was earlier called, apart from some ancient rock-cut caves that have been discovered at many places of the district. During the Sangam age, the district was under the rule of Chera dynasty until 1122 A.D. During this time this region served as a major center of commerce between Kerala and the outer world. The city of Calicut came into being in the thirteenth century when Udaiyavar, the king of Ernad, captured the area around Ponniankar and constructed a fort at Velapuram, now known as Calicut. The name Calicut was derived from �calico,� the fine quality hand-woven cotton cloth that is believed to have originated from this place.

With the advent of Vasco da Gama in 1498 the rest of the world was made acquainted with India. He had obtained the consent to accomplish trade from here. The English and Dutch were next to follow. Arguments over the control of Calicut carried on for long until 1792, when ultimately the East India Company went into a deal with the local Zamori rulers to straightaway govern this area. Tourist Attractions in Kozhikode:
Kozhikode beach, Tali Mahadeva Temple, Sree Valayanad Devi Temple, Sreekandeswara Temple, Mananchira Square, Kappad Beach, Beypore are the various sightseeing options on your visit to Kozhikode.

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