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Kayamkulam � Facts and Figures

LanguagesMalayalam & English
Best time to visit Throughout the year
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Kayamkulam � Location

Kayamkulam, Kayamkulam Kerala, Kayamkulam India, Kayamkulam Tour Packages, Kayamkulam Backwaters Kayamkulam is a tiny village located on the western belt of India in the state of Kerala. Situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, the place is nearly equidistant from Alleppey and Kollam, both of which provide link with the stunning Kerala backwaters. The place is well connected by rail and road services to other cities in the area as well as other corners of the country.

Kayamkulam � Climate

The weather of Kayamkulam is pleasant all through the year. The monsoons begin from June/July and carries on till October/November. The temperature maintains a moderate level � neither too hot and nor too cold.

Kayamkulam � History

Kayamkulam derived its name from the two words kayam (sap of a spice tree) and kulam (a pond). Kayamkulam was a part of erstwhile Travancore state for a long time and was a prominent center of art and architecture. Several temples and palaces were constructed during that period.

Description about Kayamkulam will be incomplete without the mention of Krishnapuram Palace. Located between Kayamkulam town and Oachira, the palace is an epitome of Travancore heritage. Home to the great king �Marthanda Varma� who was the ruler of Travancore, the palace has a pond within the premises. It is equally famous as the palace, if not more, as it is believed to have an under-ground channel that served as an escape way from enemies. The palace is now maintained by the Archeological Dept of Kerala and is preserved as a Museum. The Kayamkulam Sword which is well-known for its double edge is displayed here. The palace is also home to the statue of Buddha which is one of the four Buddha statues found from Kerala.

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