Tourist attractions in Jaisalmer

   The beautiful fort city of Jaisalmer was founded by Maharawal Jaisal in 1156 AD and is the largest district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a heritage city and is famous for the forts, havelis and monuments the city houses.

Jaisalmer Fort He district forms a part of the Great Indian Desert and is a famous tourist destination in Rajasthan. The beauty of the city as well as its heritage monuments attracts people from all over the world still today. The city is easy of access by roads, railways and airways, Jodhpur being the nearest airport and Jaisalmer being the nearest railhead. We at provide you with complete information on all that you want to known about Tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.

The district of Jaisalmer holds an important position among the tourist destinations of the World. Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Jaisalmer, the most significant ones include the Jain Temples, Royal Palace, the Havelis, Gadsisar Lake, Government Museum, Desert National Park and the Folk Museum. One can also go for excursions in and around the city. Some of the most prominent places to go for an excursion include:

Haveli Amar Sagar Lake: It is a beautiful lake cum oasis near the Amar Singh Palace which was built by Maharawal Akhai Singh. There are many wells and ponds surrounding the lake and there is on old Shiva Temple in the complex which adds beauty to the place.

Bada Bagh: This garden is situated on the Ramgarh Road and was commissioned in the 16th Century by Maharawal Jait Singh. This garden has three important things to watch. They are the garden itself, the tank and a dam. The Jait Bandh is a dominating structure which has been built of solid blocks of stones. These are also a large number of monuments in this garden; the oldest among them is the cenotaph of Maharawal Jait Singh.

Sam Sand Dunes: These dunes lie in the outskirts of Jaisalmer and are a major attraction to the tourists who come here. The best way to visit this place is on camel back. The Desert festival in the month of February and March is celebrated amidst these sand dunes.

Wood Fossil Park: This Park is near the Barmer Road and is 17 km from the city of Jaisalmer. This park is a preserved area which is surely an important place to visit if you are a Conservationist or a Geologist.

Other places near Jaisalmer where one can have a visit include Khuri Sand Dunes, Lodurva Jaisalmer, Mool Sagar and the Jaisalmer Fort. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.