Isar Lat or Swargasuli

Isar lat is one of the many interesting historic buildings in Jaipur. It is a seven storey minaret which was built as a memorial to commemorate the victory of Maharaja Sawai Ishwari Singh over the combined forces of Mewar and the Marathas. One of the important tourist spots in Jaipur, Ishwari lat is visited by many tourists during their sightseeing tours of the pink city.

The Ishwari lat minaret is located at the junction of the Tripolia and Gangori markets near the Tripolia gate. The minaret is adorned by intricate lattice work that provides air circulation in the tower. The view from the top of the tower is the chief attraction of the tower. The minaret is also called Swarga suli, meaning the rope to heaven.

There is a legend associated with the building, according to which, the king Ishwari Singh who had built the minaret in 1749 chose to commit suicide when confronted with a threatening war. The ruler was not given the usual treatment after death and his cremation did not take place at Gaitor, the traditional cremation grounds of the rulers of Jaipur. Even after his death, he remained an outcast in the Rajput community, which is known for their bravery and valor. Earlier, he had successfully defeated the combined forces of Mewar and the Marathas, who were supporting the claim of his rival Madho Singh to throne of Jaipur.

The Jahuri bazzar, the gem center of Jaipur, and other markets selling beautiful Rajasthani goods are located close to the Isar Lat. The Isar lat is located within easy reach of the major highlights of tourism in Jaipur, like the Hawa Mahal, City Palace, jantar mantar, and the Central Museum.

The spot can be easily approached from all parts of the Jaipur city. A wide range of conveyance is available from the major points of Jaipur. The Isar Lat is open for the public on all days, except on the occasion of Holi. offers comprehensive information about the Isar Lat in Jaipur and other tourist places in India.

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