Shopping in Jaipur

Shopping in Jaipur is a refreshing and entertaining experience. The city is famous for its textiles. The Sanganeri and Bagru block printing are some of the most famous printing methods of the region. The colorful garments made by the tie and die technique, locally called bandhej, are very popular all over the country. It is used by many famous fashion designers for their creations. Jaipur is also famous for brass work. Master craftsmen have passed on their skills for generations and the results can be seen in the antique shops or brass workshops in the city. The exquisite carving and lacquered works are a treat to watch. Observing these craftsmen at work is also one of the important points of the Jaipur tours.

Jaipur is also traditionally known for trading in precious and semi precious stones. Even today, numerous shops selling these precious stones can be seen lined up, especially in Jahuri bazaar. The Jewellery industry of the city is also well developed, thanks to age old tradition of jewellery making in the region. The royalty patronized the jewellery designers who were masters of their art. The craftsmen have passed on their legacy to subsequent generations, and the grandeur of Jaipur�s jewellery is appreciated all over the world even today. Minakari on gold and silver is another specialty of Jaipur. These exquisite works of art make for wonderful souvenirs and enrich the experience of shopping in Jaipur.

Another traditional local craft is stone and marble carving. Marble has been carved by expert craftsmen for centuries in the region. Marble used to be brought from Makrana near Persia, and Jaipur�s marble craftsmen worked wonders with the lifeless stones and carved life into them. Some of the best of these works can be seen in the museums and palaces of the city. The antique shops of Jaipur store many such works of art. Besides marble, beautiful statues carved out of stone are also among the items to look out for during shopping in Jaipur.

The tourist attractions of Jaipur also include the colorful bazaar of the city. The main markets of Jaipur include jahuri bazaar, Bapu bazaar, and Nehru Bazaar. Tripolia bazaar and Chaura Rasta are also famous shopping destinations, known for textiles and ironware. Some markets are known for certain specific items. Maniharon ka rasta is famous for lac and glass bangles, while khajanewalon ka rasta has the best marble carving shops. Ramganj bazaar is famous for traditional footwear, called jutis.

Tourism in Jaipur is important for the traders and the people dependant on tourism for their livelihood. The handicrafts of Jaipur are popular souvenir items and shops selling these can be found near most tourist attractions of Jaipur. The Jaipur tours usually include trips to the markets of the city. Shopping can be said to be one of the important aspects of tourism in Jaipur. Shopping in Jaipur is also a nice way to soak in the sights and sounds of the pink city. offers comprehensive information about Jaipur and the various tourist places in India.