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The most colorful state of India as it is often referred to, Gujarat is the land of festivals and the lifestyle of the people of Gujarat reflects the colorful tradition and the rich culture of the state. The Gujarati sojourn takes you on a tour to the beautiful land which has the largest stretch of coastline in the country, a rich wild life and many scenic spots and the magnificent architecture.

The Gujarati Sojourn in India starts with your arrival in Mumbai. While in Mumbai, you must visit the Gateway of India, Elephanta caves and other sites of touristís interests in the city. After a short stay in Mumbai, you will be transferred to Bhuj. Bhuj is the gateway to the Rann of Kutch. While in Bhuj, you must visit the Kach Museum and Palace of Rao Pragmalji. An excursion to the nearby villages will give you an insight of the rural life and the beauty of the country side. Bhuj is also famous for the local handicrafts as all the items are made by the village men and the items exhibit the art and the style of the art that is practiced in this area.

From Bhuj, the tourists will be heading towards Mandvi and Gondal. These are also other two villages which lie in close proximity to Bhuj. Mandvi and Gondal are mostly inhabited by tribal people and also have some very interesting tourist attractions. The Mandvi village and the Vijay villas Palace are among the major tourist attractions of the city. Dhamadka can also be visited while traveling from Bhuj to Gondal.

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The Gujarati Sojourn

Guide Map of Mumbai

Next destination that you are scheduled to head towards as a part of the Gujarat Tour is Sasangir, the home of the famous Asiatic Lions. A tour to this place will give an opportunity to enjoy the wild life that inhabits the area. A jeep safari in to the jungle will give you a deeper insight about the wild life scenario of the area.

Next destination scheduled on Gujarat Tour is Diu. You will be driven to Diu from Sasangir via Somnath. From Diu, we will take you to Bhavnagar which is a modern port city built in 1723 and is known for its natural beauty.

Other destinations that are to be covered on Gujarat tour in India are Zainabad, Palitana, and Uteliya. Baroda and Ahmedabad are among the most preferred tourist destinations. These two cities in Gujarat are noted for their industrial set up.

Guide Map of Diu

A visit to these cities on Gujarati Sojourn will help you to know a lot about the tradition and culture. offers detailed online information about Gujarati Sojourn in India and tourists can also make bookings for their India Travel and tourism through this site.

Guide Map of Gujrat