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Goan Carnival is something to be experienced in a lifetime to enjoy life with full fun and frolic. Goan carnival in India starts with your arrival in Mumbai, from where you will be further taken to the land of sun, sand and sea.

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Goan Carnival

Guide Map of Mumbai

Goan Carnival starts before the Easter, in the month of February. Goa Carnival is marked by great pomp and show. It lasts for three days. Goan Carnival is celebrated mostly on the Panjim beaches and all over the city streets. On the beaches one can get to experience a more colorful atmosphere with the decks decorated beautifully on the water and people singing and dancing to merriment.

The word 'carnival' is derived from two Latin words, 'Carne', meaning meat and 'Vale', meaning ‘good-bye'. 'Carnislevamen' is also the word that bears a great significance with the English word, “Carnival”. This word has it reference with the festivity that moves around the enjoyment and consumption of meat. This is essentially done to commemorate the abstinence that is followed during the Lent after the Carnival is over.

Guide Map of Goa

The history of Goa carnival dates back to almost 500 years with its inception during the reign of the Portuguese in the city. The Goa carnival in India signifies the fun-loving culture of Goa. The Carnival of Goa is often referred to as the “Festival of Chaos and Fun”. A “King of Chaos” is elected who is referred to as the King “Momo”. King Momo resides over the festivity through the period of three days.

People are dressed in colorful costumes and masks. Some common materials which people prefer to wear to get themselves marked and salute the funky attitude are sheer, transparent polythenes etc. The fun-filled ambience becomes more enjoyable with people smearing color on each other.

Several dance and music performances are performed on the streets and at several venues during the carnival. These programs are judged by notable people who decide the winner and on the last day of the Goan Carnival, “King Momo” gives away the prizes to the winners.

Goan Carnival is an annual event that is celebrated here with great enthusiasm by one and all. The festival knows no bound of creed and class and every people can participate in it.

Guide Map of Kerala

Goan Carnival brings in thousands of people from all the corners of the world. provides detailed information about the Goan Carnival in India and tourists can also make online bookings through this site.