Himachal Pradesh is perhaps the most gifted state in India for Travel and Travel is the main economic activity in Himachal Pradesh. Travel to Himachal Pradesh with Indianvisit and enjoy the natural splendor of this amazing state full of Holiday Resorts and Hill Stations

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States of Himachal Pradesh

Introduction to Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is an enchanting part of the Indian Himalayas and is often referred to as the magical showcase of nature’s splendors. Verdant green meadows and wide valleys set against imposing snow-clad mountains; limpid lakes, torrential rivers and gushing streams; fruit laden orchards and gentle terraces of corn and tea all characterize this state.

After India became free in 1947, a number of princely hilly states were integrated into a single unit to be administered by the Government of India through a Chief Commissioner. As a result, Himachal Pradesh came into being as a part C state of the India Union on April 15, 1948, by integrating 31 big and small hill states of the region. In 1956, following the recommendations of the State Reorganization Commission, it was converted into a Union Territory. Subsequently, some more hill areas of the erstwhile Punjab state were added to this Union Territory and it was made into a full-fledged state, the status that it continues to have now.

Himachal Pradesh today is one of the most important tourist destinations in India. The high hills of Himalayas welcome the trekkers from all over the world who want to show their might in the lap of nature's greatest gift to human race. The state is full of hill stations, pilgrimages, adventure sports destinations, and wildlife that attracts a wide range of tourist traffic.

Tourist Map of Himachal Pradesh

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