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Architecture of Golden Temple

Your visit to the Golden Temple in the city of Amritsar on your tour to India will thoroughly mesmerize you as it presents itself as a spiritual as well as architectural specimen. The Golden Temple Architecture still remains a major area of exploration among several tourists around the world.

Hand Painting inside Golden Temple Built by Guru Ram Das in the 14th century, the Golden Temple stands as one of the favorite tourist attractions in Amritsar. Also referred to as Sri Harmandir Sahib and Darbar Sahib, it is acclaimed as one of the most revered sites of the Sikhs. Displaying both Hindu and Muslim styles of design, the Golden Temple architecture prominently exhibits a large dome of gold. Positioned in the center of the city of Amritsar, the 40.5 square feet Golden Temple is sited on a 67 square feet platform amidst a square tank. The bridge leading to the temple is connected with the 13 feet broad �Pardakshna� or circumambulatory path. It actually winds around the main temple and ultimately reaches the �Har ki Paure� (steps of God). On the first storey of �Har ki Paure�, there is a continuous reading session of Guru Granth Sahib. The main shrine of Sri Harmandir Sahib is a three-storied one. The frontage, which faces the bridge, is decked with continuous cusped vaults and the top of the first floor reaches an elevation of 26 feet and 9 inches.

Architecture of Golden tTemple On the first floor a four feet lofty parapet encloses the borders which has also four �Mamtees� on the four sides and ultimately on the top of the innermost hall of the main sanctuary rises the third storey which is a little square room offering three gates. On the top of this room you will find the low fluted �Gumbaz� (dome) with lotus petal design at the foot of an upturned lotus which provides support to the �Kalash� with a ostentatious �Chhatri� (umbrella) at the end. The Golden Temple shrine speaks of the various tenets of Sikhism. It also stands for the spirit of the Sikhs. The doorways on all four sides symbolize its welcoming attitude towards all four religions.

This structural masterpiece draws the interest of all and sundry around the world. Even though, chiefly a sacred pilgrimage for the Sikhs, it is also traversed by travelers from various corners of the world. This temple arranges for Bundara (Lunch/Dinner) all through the year for the tourists.

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