Charted Booking

Goa, situated on the western coast of India, along the Arabian Sea, is one of the favorite tourist destinations on your tour to India. The journey to Goa is an important factor to be settled. For a perfect and pleasurable holiday experience in Goa, you can avail chartered flight services that facilitate a memorable and hassle free vacation. offers various options of chartered booking in these flights to Goa. There exist a number of chartered flights to Goa making traveling easy for the travelers. Travel planners and tour operators are responsible for making arrangements for these chartered flights to Goa from all round the world.

Chartered flights to Goa mostly ply from outside the state between Friday and Sunday. Direct scheduled flights from outside India to Goa are not much available; so it is better to go for chartered booking in Goa that usually have a few seats to sell.

Most of the charter flights to Goa fly from the United Kingdom and Germany in the peak season from the months of October to April. There are a few chartered flights to Goa from Russia, Netherlands and Finland. Chartered flights to Goa run from U.K at a much cheaper rates than scheduled flights or airlines by providing limited services. There are also direct holiday charter flights (principally from Manchester and Gatwick), Scandinavia and Holland.

Thomson has regular flights to Goa from Birmingham and Gatwick and First Choice from Birmingham, Manchester and Gatwick. Goa Way, Airtours, Olympic and Travel and Crown all offer cheap charter flights to Goa from Manchester and London Gatwick.

However not many direct chartered flights to Goa are available from the U.S. It would be best to go for a deal that would offer a flight to U.K and then a chartered flight to Goa from U.K. Air France, Lufthansa and Swiss Air also take passengers to Goa via Mumbai. Condor will apparently start weekly flights to Goa from Germany in the months from October to November.

Direct services of charter flights to Goa from Israel are on the cards.

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