Goan Cuisine

Goa is characterized by its exquisite sun-drenched beaches, palm-fringed trees and a fabulous climate. The Goan cuisine is equally popular and is recognized for its mix of various influences and the most predominant one being the Portuguese. Since Goa is located in the coastal belt, the seafood is an intrinsic part of the food. The food is actually a mix of various recipes and techniques of the two major communities, Christians and Hindus. The lip-smacking culinary wonders that are dished out are going to leave a lasting flavor in your palates. The staple food of Goa is basically prepared from rice, fish, and coconut. The Portuguese dishes also find a prominent place among the typical Goan dishes and you will be delighted to see a host of fine spices and savories that are added to make the dishes more and more palatable. Seafood is quite common and prawns, lobsters, crabs, and jumbo pomfrets are consumed with much relish. These items are also used for the preparation of soups, salads, pickles, curries, and fries. Another important ingredient in Goan cooking is coconut milk which is made by the gratings of the white flesh of a coconut soaked in a cup of warm water.

Most Goan dishes also incorporate the well-known red Goan chilies that are as important as is the tamarind. Goans make their own version of vinegar from toddy. Numerous chutneys also enrich the cuisine of Goa. Goa’s contribution to vegetarian cuisine is not as pronounced as to non-vegetarian food items. The Hindus of Goa like lamb and chicken, while Christians prefer pork. Fish and fresh seafood is preferred to any other meat. Further, Goan cuisine can also have lots of variations when it comes to curries as the gourmets will get a good opportunity to relish the various curry items prepared from the pork and meat items. Those who like to experiment with their palates can take delight in the Goan dish which is of tribal origin - Cafreal. It is prepared by marinating pieces of chicken in a blend of spices and lemon juice and then deep-fried. Several other delicious concoctions are pulaos with an Islamic influence, the scrumptious Portuguese recheiado, temperado, assado, buffado, steamed fluffy rice cupcakes called sannas and the mangada.

Apart from the solid food, feni occupies an important place and is simply irresistible for its exotic flavor. It is an indispensable accompaniment that goes with most of the culinary delights.

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