Goa Culture

The culture of Goa is rather a mix of Hindu and Catholic influences since it was for a long period of time an annex of the Portuguese. A majority of people in Goa is Hindu but you can feel the Catholic influences all around in the various forms of art, culture, and the lifestyle of the people.

Despite a fairly long period of the Portuguese rule, the Goans have retained their culture and traditions and that can be felt in each and every Goan home. The impressive culture of Goa is so rich that everybody dropping in to Goa is surely going to get impressed by it.

For quite some time, Muslims also reigned over this territory and as a result you will also find a sizeable Muslim population. The culture of Goa is also reflected in the wonderful art and craft of Goa, which establishes a wonderful harmony between the Portuguese and Indian cultures. The Goan culture is mirrored in the wonderful art works that are quite intricate and depict the perennial glory and beauty. The connoisseurs of art can find some of the finest works of major bamboo craft, woodcarving, brass metals, seashell craft, papier-mâché, and wooden lacquer ware.

The soul of the culture of Goa is its music and dance that enchant even the most discriminating travelers. There are songs for the various occasions and religion is one of them. The famous ragas and classical notes are quite common among the Hindu families in Goa. Folk music of the state of includes Mando-a love song and Suvari folk music-a customary tone setter to all Hindu religious and festival performances. The Goa culture is also characterized by several important dances such as Bhandad, Corredinho that are Portuguese folk dances, the Beauty Dance called Dekhni, apart from Fugdi and Dhalo, Ghode Modnti, Kala and Dashavatar, Lamp Dance, Tonvamel, and Morulem.

The fairs & festivals of Goa are celebrated with much aplomb, and draw many international tourists too. The Goa carnival is the predominant event amongst all. Some of the major ones are Shigmo, The Feast of Our Lady of Miracles, and Igtun Chalne. The Goa culture also embraces religious festivals, arts and crafts fairs, and food festivals.

The attire of the Goan people distinguishes them from the rest of the people from various parts of India and the women prefer skirts to saris in general. However, the Goan women wear saris in a quite different way from the rest of the states.

The cuisine of Goa is also characterized by diverse influences such as from the typical Indian to the Portuguese delicacies. The ever-popular pork vindaloo is the most popular of all the delicacy of Goa and the food is mostly chilly, hot spicy and pungent.

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