Dona Paula Beach

Goa has been the lure for numerous tourists dropping here from various parts of the world. Its exquisite beaches, blissful ambiance and friendly people are some of the things by which Goa is characterized. Among the various beaches of Goa, the Dona Paula beach is one such beach that occupies a unique place. The elements of myth and romance are associated with this beach thus pulling many tourists from different parts of the world.
Dona Paula beach is situated at a distance of 7 km from the capital of Goa, Panaji right on the southern side of the rocky hammer-shaped headlands that divide the Zuari and Mandovi estuaries. Providing a good view of the Mormugao harbour, this beach is surrounded by palm trees and casuarina groves. The vicinity of the beach to the capital city makes it even more popular among the tourists.

Key Attractions:
The adventure enthusiasts are surly going to love this place since it offers a host of water adventures such as windsurfing, parasailing, water-skiing, toboggan ski-biscuit, skibob, sports fishing, snorkeling, harpoon fishing, kayaking, and yachting.

There is also another attraction which is called the Marine Biology Museum and Taxonomy Reference Center.

The climate remains constant in Goa with the temperature touching 30°C in the month of May to 25°C in the month of January.

History of Popularity:
This beach has got its name from Dona Paula de Menezes, who happened to be the daughter of a viceroy (in colonial India). She fell in love with a handsome local fisherman-Gaspar Dias but was not allowed to marry because of unequal status. Hence, she threw herself off the cliff. This wonderful beach is also referred to as the Lovers Paradise.

Dona Paula is cremated in the Cabo Chapel of the Raj Bhawan and according to the myth is supposed to be seen rising from the moonlit waves wearing only a pearl necklace. Enchanted by this myth, there are a number of Indian and foreign tourists who visit this place.

You will come across lots of hotels, guesthouses, and beachside huts that are available at the beach catering to the budgets of the different tourists.

The shop freaks can come across lots of shops that are located near the beach and sell an assortment of goods ranging from eatables to clothes. The local vendors also sell straw hats, lace handkerchiefs, and spices in these shops. Feni and port wine are the two Goan liquor specialties that are a must buy for the tourists. A variety of Indian handicrafts and jewelry items are available at the Indian Arts Emporium in Dona Paula.

How To Reach:

By Air: The airport located closest to the Dona Paula beach is Dabolim which is 29 km from Panaji and 36 km from Anjuna.

By Rail: The rail network is quite good and Goa is well-linked with the other cities metropolitans such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, and Thiruvananthapuram by train. The nearest railhead is at Karmali, which is at a distance of15 km from the beach.

By Road: You can easily reach Dona Paula beach by the road transport as it is conveniently located from the capital city.

The Dona Paula Beach of Goa also offers a host of other activities for the travelers such as river cruises, including sunset, sundown, and full-moon cruise. is the authentic Dona Paula Beach Guide that also offers useful piece of information on the Anjuna Beach.