Colva Beach

Length : 20 kms
Population : 12,000
Best Time to Visit : November to February
STD Code : 08932

The golden sands, azure waters and an eternal bliss have always been a cause of enticement for the beach lovers who come to explore the Anjuna Beach from various parts of the world. Just laze and luxuriate at the beach which is solely meant for the purpose of unwinding. This beach occupies a reputed position among the various other beaches of Goa simply because of its unrivalled charm.

Actually, Colva is a small village which is located in the south of Goa right on the shores of the Arabian Sea and it is at a distance of 39 km from Panaji.

Key Attractions:
There is a famous church which is called Nossa Senhora de Merces (Our Lady of Mercy) Church and here every year on the third Monday of every October annual religious event is held. Huge fair and gala feasts also take place here. A languorous stroll in the moonlit night would definitely be one of the most satisfying ones for the discerning travelers. Moreover, you will also come across silver carpets of bangdde (mackerels) that can be seen sparkling on the golden sands for drying.

The climate of Goa more or less remains even with minor fluctuations. December and January may require light woolens whereas April and May are warm. The temperature during the summers may range from 24C to 32.7C and during the winters it could vary anywhere from 21.3C to 32.2C.

History of Popularity:
Colva Beach of Goa has gained popularity lately and is slowly making its mark among the top rated beaches of Goa. The early days of this beach were difficult and turbulent as well but now it is a peaceful beach gaining rapid acceptance among the tourists from all parts of the world. Accommodation:
There are several resorts and hotels that are located near the beach offering decent accommodation at the reasonably priced tariffs.

The shop freaks can make their way to the trinket shops and drink stalls on the beach where one can choose artifacts, antiques and gifts for their close ones. There are also several open-air eateries serving seafood and Portuguese dishes.

How To Reach:

By Air: You can reach Colva beach by the air transport as the nearest airport is Dabolim which is at a distance of 29 km from Panaji and 68 km from Colva.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Karmali which is at a distance of 11 km from Panaji.

By Road: There are various modes of road transport that are available in order to reach Colva. is the authentic Colva Beach Guide that also offers useful piece of information on the Benaulim Beach.