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Forts in Andhra Pradesh

Some of the famous forts in Andhra Pradesh:

Golconda Fort:
It is 11.5 km from Hyderabad. Built on a steep, granite hill, the fort is magnificient deserted fort-city build by the Qutub Shahi Kings in 14 th century. The Hindu Kakatiya Kings of Warangal gave the hill fort to the Muslim Bahmani Kings. Quli Qutab Shah (1512-43), the first of seven Qutab Shahi rulers, and his successors built the fort, which was lost to Emperor Aurangzeb after his long siege of 1687. The famous diamond bazaars lined the road up to the Fateh Darwaja, which were guarded by Abyssinians. There is a Persian-wheel water system, hot and cold water pipes inside the fort.

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