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The majestic state of Rajasthan in Northern India is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. Tourism in Rajasthan is ever growing with thousands of tourists visiting the forts, palaces, and sand dunes of the state. Desert Horse safaris are a relatively recent addition to the many tour packages offered in the state. A Rajasthan safari is the best way to explore the forts, palaces, forests and the desert of the region.

Rajasthan Safari includes

  • Wildlife Safaris
  • Camel Safaris
  • Jeep Safaris
  • Horse Safaris

    Wildlife Safaris: The wildlife safaris involve guided tours in the wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks of Rajasthan. Ranthambore, Keoladev, Sariska and Bharatpur are the major wildlife destinations in Rajasthan. The wildlife safaris include airport transit, accommodation in forest bungalows, jungle camps, or luxury tents in or near the park, dining and guided tours of the forests by jeep. Treks in the many jungle trails are a major attraction of the wildlife safaris in Rajasthan. Sariska is one of the major tiger reserves in Rajasthan, and many wildlife safaris include specialized tiger safaris that concentrate on tracking tigers.

    Camel Safaris: The camel safaris in Rajasthan take you to the magnificent deserts in Jaisalmer. The Thar Desert offers a memorable experience as you ride the beautifully adorned camels forming long chains as they walk on the sand. The food, the entertainment, and the fascinating desert landscape make the camel safaris top the must do list of Rajasthan Tourism. Horse Safaris The horse safaris in Rajasthan are a relatively recent addition to tourism in Rajasthan. These safaris take you through the horse trails frequented by the Rajput warriors. The horse safaris usually start from Jodhpur and Udaipur. The Shekhawati region is famous for horse safaris. It includes rides through different types of terrain, including sparse forests and the high sand dunes. Jeep Safaris The Jeep safaris are very popular among tourists in Rajasthan. Winter is the best season for jeep safaris as summers are accompanied by scorching heat. The jeep safaris take you to the deep interiors of Rajasthan. The villages of Rajasthan are interesting tourist spots too; as they let you experience the everyday life of the local people first hand. The jeep safaris are ideal for you if you are short on time, and want to cover as much as possible within the limited time. offers all inclusive information about Rajasthan Safari and other tourist places in India.