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Tourist Attractions In Corbett National Park

One of the most important aspects of wildlife tourism in India, the Jim Corbett National Park is considered to be among the best National Parks in the country. The reserve forest was converted into a National Park during the 1930s and hence is the oldest National Park in India. The site was also chosen as the venue for the inauguration of project tiger in 1973 and was among the first nine tiger reserves established in India. The forest has a healthy tiger population that reflects the good health of the overall ecology of the area. The major tourist attractions in Corbett National Park include its flora, fauna, landscape, and some places of historic and religious importance in and around the park.

The Wildlife in Corbett National Park includes tigers, elephants, sloth bear, Himalayan Black bear, sambar, nilgai, spotted deer, pangolin, langur, rhesus monkey, gharial, and mugger crocodile. About 580 species of birds are among the major tourist attractions in Corbett National Park. The winter months attract many migratory species to the park.

There are near 110 species of plants and trees in Corbett National Park. Sheesham and Sal are the dominant species. The other species found here include semal, dhak, kharpat, khair, khingan, bakli, bel, ber, and bamboo.

Corbett National Park has many other places of importance that include Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Garjia temple, Crocodile Pool, Corbett fall, Getheryo Library, and the Jim Corbett House. Dhikala offers a splendid view of the Patli Dun Valley along with the Ramganaga river. The gharials and mugger crocodiles can be spotted basking in the sun near the river banks. A watchtower near Dhikala is a fine vantage point for observing the elephants and other animals graze in the vast grasslands. The museum exhibits artifacts related to the life and work of Jim Corbett and the history of the National Park. Many pictures are on display depicting the gradual transition of the forest from the times of Jim Corbett till now. The Garjia temple is a famous temple near the Park. It is located on a massive rock and is the venue of a large festival during the occasion of Karthik Poornima. The hundred year old guest house in Dhikala is also an important place to visit in Corbett. offers all inclusive information about tourist attractions in Corbett National Park and other tourist places in India.

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