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Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, in North Eastern India is the easternmost state in India. It is often called the land of the rising sun in India. The state is blessed with exceptional scenic beauty. With its rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests, Arunachal Pradesh is fast becoming the center of tourism in North east India and also an important wildlife tourist destination in India. The state is flanked by the eastern Himalayas in the north. Itanagar is the capital of the state.

The Population of Arunachal Pradesh is chiefly made up of Tibeto Burman people and indigenous tribes. The major tribes include the Adi, Galo, Nishi, Monpa and Apatani. The traditional way of life of the tribal people including their arts and crafts are also a must watch for the tourists to this state. The many tribal festivals celebrated by these tribes form an important aspect of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh

The climate in Arunachal Pradesh is a mixture of Tundra, temperate and sub tropical, varying with altitude. The foothills are humid and experience hot summers and cold winters. The state receives heavy rain during the months between May and September. The average annual rainfall is between 2000 4000 mm.

A wide variety of flora and fauna the dense forests of Arunachal Pradesh. The forest cover is made up of Alpine, sub-tropical and temperate vegetation. Rhododendron, Oak, pine, maple fir, Sal and teak are the major species of trees found here. Over 600 varieties of orchids are found in the state which has a sanctuary dedicated to the orchids. Orchid tourism is one of the unique features of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh .

There are many tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. These include places of religious importance like the Parashuram Kund and Tawang monastery, as well as archaeological sites like of Malinithan and Itanagar. The many beautiful lakes and rivers make this state a wonderful place for aquatic activities. There are many important reserve forests in Arunachal Pradesh including the Namdapha tiger reserve , Mouling National Park and Sssa orchid sanctuary. The varying terrain and swift rivers and waterfalls of the state provide excellent opportunities for adventure activities like water rafting, boating, trekking, hiking, rock climbing and angling.

Itanagar is the major airport in the state. There are some other minor airports, but these are mainly used to provide remote villages with supplies from the cities. The national Highway 52 and other important roadways connect the state with the neighboring states. offer online information on Arunachal Pradesh and its tourist attractions.

Arunachal Pradesh
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