Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

andhra-pradesh There are a number of tourist places in Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad - Secunderabad

Hyderabad, the fifth largest city in the country, is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and has several prominent places in and around it. It has a Hindu-Muslim culture with a number of monuments of historical importance like Char Minar, Golconda, Salar Jung Museum, Mecca Masjid, Osman Sagar and Osmania University. The capital is in reality the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad linked together by the Hussain Sagar Lake.

Historical Tourist Places

andhra-pradesh The sites of historical importance include Warangal, Palampet, Vemulavada, Bhadrachalam, and Lepakshi. Andhra Pradesh is known for pilgrimages, not only for Hindus, but also for followers of other religions like Muslims, Christians and Buddhists. The state has a rich heritage of temples, mosques, churches and viharas. The state is known for the famous Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati, Birla Mandir at Hyderabad and Bhadra Kali temple at Warangal, Mecca Masjid at Hyderabad, the Buddhist viharas at Nagarjunasagar, and the Sai Baba Ashram at Puttaparthi. The Hindu pilgrimage sites include Tirupati, Srisailam, Basara, and Srikalahasti. The state was once the site of a flowering Buddhist culture. The Salivahanas, who were Buddhists by religion, followed the Satvahana dynasty. Several Buddhist stupas and viharas were built during their reign, and Buddhist centers flourished at Nagarjunakonda, Amravati, Sankara, Bhattiprolu, Guntupalli, Gantasala, Salihunda, Panigiri, Nelakondapalli, and Bahvikonda.


There are waterfalls at Ettipothala, Kuntala, and Gandipet. The caves at Undavalli and Borra are also major tourist attractions. Two large and world famous dams are located at Nagarjunasagar and Nizamsagar.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Many wildlife sanctuaries can be found in the state, namely, Kawal, Sivaram, Pakhal, Pranahita, Eturnagaram, Kinnerasani, Papikonda, Nagarjunasagar, Srisailam, Pocharam, Gundlabrahmeshwaram, Shri Venkateshwara, Srilanka Malleswara, and Kaundinya. There are four bird sanctuaries in the state at Kolleru, Rollapadu, Nelapattu, and Manjira.


The state of Andhra Pradesh has nearly 1,000 km of coastline, with eight of its 23 districts having direct access to the sea with azure water caressing golden sands, which accounts for the presence of so many beaches. Starting from Bheemunipattnam near Vishakhapatnam down to Mypad in Nellore district, the coastline of Andhra Pradesh offers unalloyed joy to the sun worshippers and sea bathers. Apart from the Ramakrishna beach, Lawson's bay and Rishikonda beach at Vishakhapatnam and Bheemunipattnam beaches there are other famous beaches such as Manginapudi, near Machilipattnam, Kakinada, Chirala, Kalingapatnam and Mypad.

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